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We have had over 30 years experience on machines and trucks with many years of building boulder walls and landscape gardens dating back to the early 80's.

concrete block wall

Concrete Block Walls

Reliable and Built to Last!

Build a permanent wall out of concrete blocks that won't collapse or crack.

sandstone cornerstone boulder wall


Cornerstone Boulder Walls

Add a few stairs to your retaining wall and think of the value.

fish ponds with granite boulders

Fish Ponds

With Granite Boulders

This is what you can do with some bush rocks and some fish, just add the water and the right bloke.


Boulder Walls

Victoria Park Mini Golf Course

victoria park mini golf course

Wondering who supplied and placed the rocks here? If you ring 0402 251 367 you will be talking to him!

before and after shot of victoria park mini golf course

This is a before and after shot with our natural granite boulder walls, you will notice the same building in the background.

front yard natural granite boulder wall

You could have a front yard like this, or you could have a plain dirt bank. Think of the value this would put on your house and the look on your visitors face.

backyard natural granite boulder wall

This is a natural granite boulder wall that was built in the middle of the yard. We pulled it down before it fell down and rebuilt it near the boundary.

fish pond made from granite boulders

This is what you can do with some granite rocks and some fish, just add the water and the right bloke.


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QBSA Licence No. 1018035.

We are licenced contractors.
All walls are engineered designed.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

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